Mother Nature: A free download for all Mamas

In my first post I want to give something away.

I wrote the booklet “Mother Nature” because I wanted to have an honest dialogue with new and expectant mothers. There are some great books out about childbirth, breastfeeding and babywearing. While I do share my experiences with all of these things in this booklet, I really wanted to get into some of the more uncomfortable things new Mamas face that no one really warns us about.

I wanted to explore some of the major shifts our identities go through when we become mothers. Some of the emotions I experienced as a new mother came as a huge surprise to me. But when I talked openly with other new moms, I discovered that what I was feeling was not unusual. The unusual thing was talking about it. I wrote this booklet to share what I’ve learned during my pregnancies and my 6 years of being a Mama. It’s what I wish someone had sat me down and told me.

Originally I was selling the booklet for $8. That was cool. I had two small print runs and sold all the books. But I imagined this booklet in the hands of many more mothers. So I’ve decided to distribute the online version (pdf) of the booklet for free under a Creative Commons license. Click here to download the online booklet for free. If you want to order a signed copy you can still buy a print booklet here.

If you appreciate the information in this booklet, please share it with your friends or your birthing clients.

I am learning to be as open to receiving as I am to giving so there is a link here to make a donation using Paypal if you have the means and the urge to do so.

I look forward to our dialogue and welcome your feedback and suggestions in the comments section.

What others say about the booklet:

  • “Your book is in my birth bag for re-affirming what I do.” Claudia Booker- President and Founder of Birthing Hands of DC, doula, childbirth educator and breastfeeding counselor.
  • “A nice, quick introduction to several attachment parenting concepts. It covers a lot of ground in its 32 pages and would make a nice gift for a pregnant woman who is interested in exploring ideas beyond What to expect.” Molly Remer, Citizens for Midwifery.