About The Sage Mama

This is a place where I hope you see yourself. Your real Mama self. The self who adores her little ones and is awe of everything about them, the self who cries sometimes from the frustration of being on 24/7, the self who misses her waist, and the self who creates and laughs and is loving more deeply than she ever could have imagined. This is a spirited space for all things Mama. You might see an essay here or a poem, or a song, or a recipe, or an interview, or a video clip. Anything that might inspire, affirm, support you could be here. (And if it isn’t just let me know.)

And who am I?

I am Mariahadessa Ekere Tallie and I live in NYC. I’m a mother of two girls ages 6 and 4. I run parental education workshops and creative writing circles for pregnant women and new moms. I also study herbs, write poetry, teach part-time, and dream full-time of a world where Mamas are appreciated and seen. Welcome to that world.

You can find me on Facebook or email me.

21 thoughts on “About The Sage Mama

  1. So LOVE your work. I have the Women Ancestors Roots poem in my healing room. As a student of therapeutic herbs and energy work, avid gardener, mom, homemaker, your words inspire me. Thank you for sharing your gift.

  2. Thank you for doing the work!!! I have a book similar to yours inside of me but have let everything else take precedence over my path. As a mama of 5 glorious children, I must affirm my ability to refocus my priorities. We mamas have what the world needs but we must first attend to our needs to balance the equation. Thank you again. This makes my heart so happy and adds motivation to my pot 🙂

    • YES!!!! We have to make our well-being and creativity a priority. Sometimes I find tricky ways to express my own creativity with my daughters around. 🙂 Other times I am depserate for time alone to do something. We need support as Mamas and that is what helps balance the equation, support.

      I send you and your little ones health, joy, and creative projects brought out in the light!

      one love,

  3. I am a writer and a mother, along with other designations. For years, I had to take a break from writing. At the time I would tell myself, “I am gathering material by being immersed in my life. Later I will write and I will be better.” In 2010, I began writing again and the difference in quality is clear. Not including world travel, I feel like you said everything I have thought/written/said about becoming and being a mother, and you gather words beautifully.

    • Thank you. Your story is a light. We need to know this when we are in the thick of fierce new love,diapers,and broken sleep.

      Some of the best advice I have read about writing has to do with engaging ourselves deeply in other work and coming back to the page with all that we have seen and lived. Sometimes, in the throes of motherhood–especially in the first years of it–it felt as though everything I once knew, including my voice and my pen, was a foreign land. It feels great to bring it all home.

      one love,

    • You are so welcome. Thank you for coming here. And for seeing this passion. You are so right. When I wrote this–and now–I felt the need to acknowledge Mamas. To let them know I see them/us. See you on the path.

  4. If there is one thing that another person could write about my journey into motherhood, it would be this. Thank you for the happy tears. Leo’s mom.

  5. Wow…. loved your blog and your amazing way to hit the core of what motherhood represents for women. Thank you so much– Your words just sprouted an infinite amount of inspiration for me today ❤ Love, light and Blessings, Nika

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