Dear Rekia:

It is April 1, 2012. I am supposed to write a poem. I can’t find poetry right now.

Poetry can’t find me either. I see your face and it is the face of every brown girl I’ve ever known and been. That smile so like a hug, ready to embrace a world you had yet to see. Ready for your welcome. Ready for those first tentative steps into baby woman.

Rekia. Your name is the poem. Your breath was the poem. And the dances you will never do, the laughter you won’t feel tickling your belly, the arguments you won’t have with your brothers, the first love–everything that was stolen–all that beauty and obstacle and all those victories your family will never cheer, those make up the poem too.

Understand. I can’t fit this pain into stanza or verse. Baby, you could have been me, my niece, sister, best friend, cousin, daughter

and the line breaks here, Rekia

here the line
falls down our cheeks


How our hopes

keep being




This is a petition started by Rekia Boyd’s brother:

Please sign and share. I am calling on my circle of mothers to help stop these injustices. I did not think that The Sage Mama was going to become a space for (outright) activism, but the times necessitate it.These are difficult times, Mamas. We have to pull together.


1 thought on “Dear Rekia:

  1. Thank you for doing this. I think that in these times there is no seperating the personal life and the political. It is not only our civic responsibility but what God calls on us to do. Your writing is beautiful and powerful and brings the tears that wash us clean. Much love to you and your babies… from one mama to another.

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